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Reddit breach highlights limits of SMS-based 2-factor authentication. If SMS 2FA is all that's available, so be it. But many sites now support more secure forms of authentication. Why you should up your game.

The ruthlessness of twitter Bots really does crack me up! (free ETH/BTC giveaway)!! #elonmusk

Computing in Northamptonshire: Miniproject: Augmented Reality for free

there is a weird thing falling from the sky. I think it might be rain!

Four for the price of none. I just posted my 4 part penultimate essay in my Future of AI and Robotics series. Steps Toward Super Intelligence, Parts I, II, III, & IV. Best read in order--they link to each other. Here's the first part on How We Got Here.

Neutrino that struck Antarctica traced to galaxy 3.7bn light years away

We recently launched our new cyber attack categorisation system to improve UK response to incidents

A fascinating documentary on Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell - she played a critical role in the discovery of pulsars. She did not get a Noble prize, however, for me at least, she will forever be the key to the discovery.

Our ten simple steps to cyber security!

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