A #cyberaccelerator is not just for Christmas! Our programme is supporting 6 cyber-security start-ups for the next 6 months, giving them the tools and expertise they can use for years to come...

New breach: "You've Been Scraped" - @MayhemDayOne discovered exposed MongoDB instances containing the personal data of 66M people believed scraped from LinkedIn (owner could not be identified). 83% of addresses were already in @haveibeenpwned. Read more: https://t.co/gNPrqIw8M0

Let them paste passwords! Why don't websites do this? The debate has raged (with most commenting how annoying it is… https://t.co/llQuha05Ch

British astrophysicist overlooked by Nobels wins $3m award for pulsar work https://t.co/0kE5qPpK7c

Exclusive: For the 2nd time in three years, mobile spyware maker mSpy leaks millions of records online, including payment details and chat/text messages, location data, phone records etc. uploading from devices secretly running mSpy https://t.co/InH4TZHxhm

Reddit breach highlights limits of SMS-based 2-factor authentication. If SMS 2FA is all that's available, so be it. But many sites now support more secure forms of authentication. Why you should up your game. https://t.co/RZUaJ1fYJn

The ruthlessness of twitter Bots really does crack me up! (free ETH/BTC giveaway)!! #elonmusk

Computing in Northamptonshire: Miniproject: Augmented Reality for free https://t.co/mQoGZPVeed

there is a weird thing falling from the sky. I think it might be rain!

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