Our ten simple steps to cyber security! https://t.co/68IzYpQFiP

Bertrand Russell recorded this message to future generations nearly 60 years ago. These words have never felt more important or more wise than they do in 2018.

The at least 2,000 year old olive tree of Vouves,on the island of Crete,still bears olives. The tree stood here when Rome burned in AD64, and Pompeii was buried under a thick carpet of volcanic ash in AD79. Cemeteries from the Geometric Period (900-700 BC) were discovered nearby.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

Beast of the East induced customer disaster 0 - Data Defence Recovery Service 1. #DisasterRecovery #StormEmma

There is nothing I hate more than Windows 10 crappy DPI scaling. 10 times worse through RDP. ARGHHHHGHRGRHGHRGHFGHR

Remember that Cisco ASA RCE vulnerability last week (CVE-2018-0101)? Guess what, the fix was incomplete. Patch again!

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