Comment on another blog regarding time and timelessness

Just came across this:

The author is all over the place, but I thought I’d take him on to see where he goes with my challenges. 

He wrote:

That timelessness exists is evident from the nature of time. The notion that time had a beginning is now scientifically comprehensible if not provable – since it fits in complex ways with the best explanations for the nature and origin of space and matter itself. Since time as we experience it, had a beginning then timelessness once existed and if timelessness existed once, then it follows that it continues to exist because it is timeless.
Thus we have the notion that time and timelessness co-exist.

(I’ve snipped the rest of the article)

My response:

Mike, you are all over the place with this!  Plus, you hit a paradox.  If there was a before time, which is a temporal notion, then you pull back time a little further.

It is like this.  What is North of England?  Scotland. 

What is North of Scotland?  Arctic Circle.

What is North of the Arctic Circle?  North Pole.

What is North of North Pole?  Nothing.  You cannot go further north than north.

In the same way, you cannot go before time because that is like saying that there is something further North than North.

To say you can is paradoxical.

So any subsequent claims you make has no foundation for validity because your starting ground cannot be granted.