Limits of Mathematics

Is mathematics purely a human creation, or does it exist independent of us and we have ‘discovered’ it?

From what I’ve briefly read on Russell, Frege and the history of mathematics is that it seems there is no solid ground that mathematics can depend upon without us (humanity) having accepted a long series of axioms that may or may not be consistent. In other words, we can never be certain that (or at least as far as we know today) what we take to be self evidently true, is actually true. Further, it seems apparent that the principle of logic is a process of linguistic analysis rather than mode of arriving at certainty.

This is an area of philosophy I’ve never really considered before. In fact, I assumed that mathematics was independent of human thought. Now, I don’t think it is and there’s a majority of philosophers who have already came to the same conclusion. This needs further investigation, methinks!