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Vegetarianism: should we not eat animals that are aware of death?

Vegetarianism: should we not eat animals that are aware of death and eat only those that are ignorant? http://t.co/MBcXwl5G

Should we even eat animals at all?

I’m not a vegetarian and I have, I believe, a justified reason not to be. I do think that the majority of meat consumption is unjustified but where there is justification perhaps we should limit what we eat based on what harm is done to the thing we eat.

Plants are living things. We pull them out of the ground and the prepare and munch on them without a second thought. We do this because we believe the plant does not feel any harm nor are they ‘aware’.

For animals, they are ‘aware’ of harm that comes to them, on differing levels. Fish are generally considered to be less aware than say a cow because fish have much smaller brains. Chickens are considered to be less ‘aware’ than say sheep. The problem we really face is ‘are we being cruel to sentient beings and what beings are sentient?’

Recent scientific reports show that animals and birds are more aware of death then we give them credit for. If they are aware of death they therefore fear death and fear of death is prime testable aspect of whether a being can be experience harm.