Don’t point that thing at Mecca

It was reported today that a UK prison in Brixton (South London) has built toilet blocks to allow the Muslim inmates to face away from Mecca! This is the most ludicrous story I’ve read in months. A Home Office spokesperson said: “The refurbishment has been carried out with the consideration for all faiths” – thanks to pressure from Muslim faith leaders.

Now if you ask me, anyone who commits a crime in our society forgoes their basic freedoms to do as they please, such as which way they sit on the big-white-telephone. If such criminals are concerned about the actions they take in the bathroom, then why not the consideration of their actions in the society they inhabit?

Also, it doesn’t help when our pandering government yields to the demands of superstitious believers. As well as our schools, it’s also our prisons suffering at the ridiculous hands of the superstitious.

For those confused about Muslim bathroom etiquette* here are some of the basics:

– One must not use food or animals to clean oneself (makes sense!)

– One must enter the bathroom with the left leg

– One must leave the bathroom with the right leg

– No talking (talking induces stage fright?!)

– One must face away from “Qiblah” or we know it as ‘the way to Mecca’ (not the bingo hall across the road from the prison)

– Finally, One should not clean Oneself with less than three stones (this one baffles me; I use tissue) or a bone or anything impure etc…

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