Don’t point that thing at Mecca

It was reported today that a UK prison in Brixton (South London) has built toilet blocks to allow the Muslim inmates to face away from Mecca! This is the most ludicrous story I’ve read in months. A Home Office spokesperson said: “The refurbishment has been carried out with the consideration for all faiths” – thanks to pressure from Muslim faith leaders.

Now if you ask me, anyone who commits a crime in our society forgoes their basic freedoms to do as they please, such as which way they sit on the big-white-telephone. If such criminals are concerned about the actions they take in the bathroom, then why not the consideration of their actions in the society they inhabit? Continue reading Don’t point that thing at Mecca

This is where we come in…


The journey for the development of a web-site dedicated to the philosophy of disbelief starts here. In the meantime, think about this:

The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me down to lie.
Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets.
For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
When cometh the day we lowly ones,
through quiet reflection and great dedication,
master the art of karate,
lo, we shall rise up,
and then we’ll make the buggers eyes water.

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